I am going to be bold and call this an Akstafa rug- Caucasian. On first impression the design of this small rug appears some what cramped; that said; the rug is only 128 x 103cm and its weaver has tackled some difficult design and colour combination problems with interesting results. First, the typical eight-point star forms have been substituted with Lesghi style stars in classic tip-to-tip format. This has resulted in a reduction of available space for the usual companion peacock figures. In attempting to solve this problem, the weaver has reversed the base (and only) pair of peacocks to compliment their outline with the Lesghi style stars. However, with feathers include, the effect is not particularly successful and the weaver has thereafter abandoned the use of peacock figures. In their place is a managerie of small animals and quartered boxes (all motifs which are found frequently in larger Akstafa rugs). Secondly, the weaver has compensated for the reduced visual impact created by the omission of the middle and upper pairs of peacocks; with an ingenious field colour change solution around the central star medallion. Whilst the overall colour palette is blue, colour balance is still maintained by a continuum of red colour, as the red of border of the central Lesghi style star links to the red within the end field panels. Early 20th.century, slight wear and damage to centre, SOLD