Seychour rug, c1900 - Caucasian, I would like to propose the identification of a new Seychour sub-group (see charactistics below), this being a mature example. An additional feature of this rug is that is displays a visual juxtaposition between 'X' forms and their circular field enclosures, created by the bounding green floral spandrels,
310 x 112cm, sold
Blues and Greens Seychour Sub-Group

Green field with blue inner/main border and blue corner floral spandrels/floral spandrels between X forms; or colours vice-versa

Inner/main border with European carnation (in red and pink), the boundaries of which are only loosely or sparsely defined especially with that of the hawk-head outer border and only marginally defined with that of corner floral spandrels/floral spandrels between X forms

Main field with ‘X’ shapes of somewhat ‘lean’ form having narrowly drawn ‘spanner’ shaped components with marked outlining, eg yellow, light blue etc. and dark interiors (black, dark brown etc)

Classic hawk-head out border, the hawk-heads between small flame forms of European style graduated colour

Green field examples:

Blue field examples:

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