Dear James, I would like to buy the (Shirvan) Lesghi rug. How can I pay? and how much is postage to London?........The small spots of chemical orange are okay. Please let me know your bank *** so that I can transfer the money (135) to you........The payment has been arranged. Please send the rug to.........I have received the rug... It is quite nice. Thanks a lot.

Hi Is this rug ....still available.  Just seen it on the website. Thanks; thank-you for your enquiry, it's with a friend at the moment so i'll have to check and get back to you. meanwhile i enclose further images and would be grateful if you could tell me know if you are seriously interested in it as it is located about 70miles from here and i will start making plans for its collection...... Yes, interested, .....  My only query is whether it will sit flat enough.  What do you think?; yes it does sit flat on the ground - the image looks as it does because it had been folded prior to photo being taken when the snow clears i will collect it and we can then talk further - hope that ok with you; i battled my way through snow drifts and collected the rug today! - thanks for your patience (i would like to offer you free uk shipment for waiting); Thank-you You should receive payment this afternoon

I am interested in purchasing your xxxxxx rug (194 by 139).....what is your best price on this rug and how much would it cost to send to best price, perhaps you could give me a call, mob no. is:............. I thought I'd better ask, but is it okay to use on the floor or should it just be displayed? I would not want to spoil it and I am looking for something that is both lovely and practical..........rug sent today - you should receive it.....Thank you for this rug - it is a delight and I am really pleased. I am ignorant about rugs. Do you happen to know how old the rug is? Also, I think it is wool but it feels so soft we were wondering if there was silk in it too.....

Dear Mr McDougall: The xxxx rug arrived safely this morning. I am grateful for the very secure packing. It is also good to see that your photos gave an accurate impression of the rug. Thank you again – and I shall continue to keep an eye on your website. Regards

hi james,i hope this finds you in good keeping.i will buy this xxxxxxx runner for XXX pounds, if thats ok with there further damage in the parts that are not sown in the photo? regards

Hello. Just stumbled upon your website & it's lovely tribal rugs.  Do you ever ship to the USA?  We live an hour's drive north of .................... I am looking for .......... in decent condition, am flexible regarding design, color and origin. hi - thank-you for your enquiry and kind words. I do ship to USA,  to send a rug to New York would cost about £60 - £90 GBP, runners are generally a bit heavier so may be £90 - £120 GBP for a runner.